Seller’s Guide

After we’ve prepped your house for sale, taken photos, and set a price, we’re ready for the public to see your home.

What is a showing?

A showing takes place either at an open house, which is a scheduled session when anyone can come by without an appointment, or during an appointment scheduled with us.

How do I prepare my house for a showing?

We’ll talk through specific preparations so that your house is positioned competitively in the market. And, we’ll put you in contact with professionals such as renovators, decorators, and stagers who can help.

Preparations will include two phases. During phase one, before photos are taken and before the first showing, consider the following action items:

  • Clean deeply
  • Paint some or all of your house
  • Do minor repairs such as caulking tubs and windows
  • Make major repairs – if needed and in your budget, such as replacing your counters or appliances
  • Stage your furniture to showcase your home’s best features
  • Remove personal items such as family photos
  • Declutter every surface and storage space
  • Reorganize your closets and pack excess items
  • Eliminate odors by cleaning the fireplace or shampooing rugs
  • Create an appealing color scheme with curtains or pillows to warm up your home
  • Upgrade your lighting or lightbulbs to make your rooms brighter
  • Spruce up the landscaping
  • Power-wash your decks and sidewalks if needed

Phase two, the last-minute prep just prior to any showing, includes:

  • Turn on the lights and open the blinds for maximum light
  • Take out the garbage
  • Make the beds
  • Clear and dust surfaces
  • Take your pets with you and put away pet bowls
  • Hide your valuables
  • Turn off your computer
  • Set the temperature
  • Put out fresh towels

What can I expect when showing my house?

Three important things you can do to help get your house sold are:

  1. Leave when your house is being shown Buyers prefer to look at homes when they can move around freely and the owners aren’t there.
  2. Make your house as available as possible. While it may be inconvenient to show your home at certain times, buyers who can’t see a property when they’re eager may cross it off their list.
  3. Listen to any feedback from buyers or their agents about ways you can make your home more appealing.

We’ll work together to ensure maximum exposure and a faster sale.